Market hours

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Market hours

Market hours and holidays are subject to change. We will keep this information up-to-date as regularly as possible.

Trading hours quoted are GMT+3

Symbol Description Rollover Date Current Contract Next Contract
VIXVolatility7/15/2022Volatility Index - Jul 2022Volatility Index - Aug 2022
CL-OILCrude Oil West Texas Future7/19/2022Crude Oil West Texas - Aug 2022Crude Oil West Texas - Sep 2022
GOLDftGold Future7/21/2022Gold - Aug 2022Gold - Oct 2022
UKOUSDftBrent Oil Future7/27/2022Crude Oil Brent - Sep 2022Crude Oil Brent - Oct 2022
HK50ftHong Kong 50 Future7/28/2022Hong Kong 50 - Jul 2022Hong Kong 50 - Aug 2022
CHN50ftCHINA50 Future7/22/2022China A50 - Jul 2022China A50 - Aug 2022
Symbol 1st July 2022
HK Public Holiday
4th July 2022
Independence Day
5th July 2022
Independence Day
UK100normalearly close 23:00normal
US30normalearly close 20:00normal
SPX500normalearly close 20:00normal
US500normalearly close 20:00normal
NAS100normalearly close 20:00normal
USTECHnormalearly close 20:00normal
JPN225normalearly close 20:00normal
GER40normalearly close 23:00normal
EUSTX50normalearly close 23:00normal
FRA40normalearly close 23:00normal
NGnormalearly close 21:30normal
GASnormalearly close 21:30normal
Gasoilnormalearly close 20:30normal
Coppernormalearly close 21:30normal
Soybeannormalclosedlate open 16:30
Wheatnormalclosedlate open 16:30
VIXnormalearly close 18:30normal
Cl-Oilnormalearly close 20:15normal
UKOUSDnormalearly close 20:15late open 03:00
USOUSOnormalearly close 20:15normal
XAUnormalearly close 20:15normal
XAGnormalearly close 20:15normal
XPDUSDnormalearly close 21:30normal
XPTUSDnormalearly close 21:30normal
GOLDftnormalearly close 20:15normal
SILVERftnormalearly close 20:15normal
SP500ftnormalearly close 20:00normal
DJ30ftnormalearly close 20:00normal
NAS100ftnormalearly close 20:00normal
GER40ftnormalearly close 23:00normal
UK100ftnormalearly close 23:00normal
UKOUSDftnormalearly close 20:15late open 03:00
US shares CFDsnormalclosednormal
Symbol Description Rollover Date Current Contract Next Contract
VIXVolatility8/12/2022Volatility Index - Aug 2022Volatility Index - Sep 2022
CL-OILCrude Oil West Texas Future8/19/2022Crude Oil West Texas - Sep 2022Crude Oil West Texas - Oct 2022
CHN50ftCHINA50 Future8/24/2022China A50 -Aug 2022China A50 - Sep 2022
HK50ftHong Kong 50 Future8/25/2022Hong Kong 50 - Aug 2022Hong Kong 50 - Sep 2022
UKOUSDftBrent Oil Future8/26/2022Crude Oil Brent - Oct 2022Crude Oil Brent - Nov 2022
SILVERftSilver Future8/30/2022Silver - Sep 2022Silver - Dec 2022
Symbol 9th Aug 2022
National Women's Day/Muharram
15th Aug 2022
Independence Day
16th Aug 2022
Parsi New Year
26th Aug 2022
UK Bank Holiday
29th Aug 2022
UK Bank Holiday
30th Aug 2022
UK Bank Holiday
31st Aug 2022
Ganesh Chaturthi
UK100normalnormalnormalEarly close 23:00ClosedLate open 03:00normal
UKOUSDnormalnormalnormalnormalClosedLate open 03:00normal
CocoanormalnormalnormalnormalLate open 14:30normalnormal
CoffeenormalnormalnormalnormalLate open 14:30normalnormal
SugarnormalnormalnormalnormalLate open 14:30normalnormal
UK100ftnormalnormalnormalEarly close 23:00ClosedLate open 03:00normal
UKOUSDftnormalnormalnormalnormalClosedLate open 03:00normal
UK shares CFDsnormalnormalnormalnormalClosednormalnormal